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Rosewood 2 x 17Radiation & Rough Landings25/02/2017NU ARE SUBTITRARE
Grimm 6 x 8The Son Also Rises25/02/2017SUBTITRARE ENGLEZA
The Vampire Diaries 8 x 14It’s Been a Hell of a Ride25/02/2017NU ARE SUBTITRARE
MacGyver 1 x 17Ruler25/02/2017NU ARE SUBTITRARE
Emerald City 1 x 9The Villain That's Become25/02/2017NU ARE SUBTITRARE
Colony 2 x 7Free Radicals24/02/2017NU ARE SUBTITRARE
How to Get Away with Murder 3 x 15Wes24/02/2017NU ARE SUBTITRARE
How to Get Away with Murder 3 x 14He Made a Terrible Mistake24/02/2017NU ARE SUBTITRARE
The Blacklist 4 x 15The Apothecary24/02/2017NU ARE SUBTITRARE
Supernatural 12 x 13Family Feud24/02/2017NU ARE SUBTITRARE
SIX 1 x 6Confession23/02/2017SUBTITRARE ROMÂNĂ
The Magicians 2 x 5Cheat Day23/02/2017NU ARE SUBTITRARE
Legion 1 x 3Chapter 323/02/2017SUBTITRARE ROMÂNĂ
The 100 4 x 4A Lie Guarded23/02/2017SUBTITRARE ROMÂNĂ
Arrow 5 x 14The Sin-Eater23/02/2017NU ARE SUBTITRARE
Suits 6 x 15Quid Pro Quo23/02/2017SUBTITRARE ROMÂNĂ
Lethal Weapon 1 x 16Unnecessary Roughness23/02/2017SUBTITRARE ROMÂNĂ
Blindspot 2 x 15Draw O Caesar, Erase a Coward23/02/2017SUBTITRARE ROMÂNĂ
Imposters 1 x 3We Wanted Every Lie23/02/2017SUBTITRARE ENGLEZA
The Expanse 2 x 5Home22/02/2017SUBTITRARE ROMÂNĂ