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The Gifted 1 x 4eXit Strategy24/10/2017NU ARE SUBTITRARE
Supergirl 3 x 3Far From the Tree24/10/2017NU ARE SUBTITRARE
Scorpion 4 x 5Sci Hard24/10/2017NU ARE SUBTITRARE
Good Behavior 2 x 2I Want You to Leave a Person Alive for Once23/10/2017NU ARE SUBTITRARE
Lucifer 3 x 4What Would Lucifer Do?23/10/2017NU ARE SUBTITRARE
The Walking Dead 8 x 1Mercy23/10/2017SUBTITRARE ROMÂNĂ
Travelers 2 x 1Ave Machina21/10/2017SUBTITRARE ROMÂNĂ
Z Nation 4 x 4A New Mission: Keep Moving21/10/2017SUBTITRARE ENGLEZA
The Exorcist 2 x 4One for Sorrow21/10/2017SUBTITRARE ENGLEZA
Ghost Wars 1 x 3The Curse of Copperhead Road21/10/2017SUBTITRARE ENGLEZA
How to Get Away with Murder 4 x 4Was She Ever Good at Her Job?21/10/2017SUBTITRARE ENGLEZA
Arrow 6 x 2Tribute20/10/2017SUBTITRARE ROMÂNĂ
Supernatural 13 x 2The Rising Son20/10/2017NU ARE SUBTITRARE
Gotham 4 x 5A Dark Knight: The Blade's Path20/10/2017SUBTITRARE ROMÂNĂ
Mr. Robot 3 x 2eps3.1_undo.gz20/10/2017SUBTITRARE ENGLEZA
Frontier 2 x 1Dead Reckoning20/10/2017SUBTITRARE ENGLEZA
Empire 4 x 4Bleeding War19/10/2017NU ARE SUBTITRARE
The Blacklist 5 x 4The Endling19/10/2017NU ARE SUBTITRARE
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 3 x 2Freakshow18/10/2017SUBTITRARE ROMÂNĂ
Bull 2 x 4The Illusion of Control18/10/2017SUBTITRARE ROMÂNĂ