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Ultimele Episoade
Scorpion 4 x 4Nuke Kids on the Block17/10/2017SUBTITRARE ROMÂNĂ
Supergirl 3 x 2Triggers17/10/2017SUBTITRARE ROMÂNĂ
Rellik 1 x 6Episode 617/10/2017NU ARE SUBTITRARE
Liar 1 x 6The Marshes17/10/2017SUBTITRARE ENGLEZA
Fear the Walking Dead 3 x 16Sleigh Ride16/10/2017SUBTITRARE ROMÂNĂ
Fear the Walking Dead 3 x 15Things Bad Begun16/10/2017SUBTITRARE ROMÂNĂ
Good Behavior 2 x 1The Heart Attack Is the Best Way16/10/2017NU ARE SUBTITRARE
Lucifer 3 x 3Mr. and Mrs. Mazikeen Smith16/10/2017SUBTITRARE ROMÂNĂ
Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams 1 x 5Real Life16/10/2017SUBTITRARE ROMÂNĂ
Victoria 2 x 8The Luxury of Conscience16/10/2017SUBTITRARE ENGLEZA
Z Nation 4 x 3The Vanishing14/10/2017NU ARE SUBTITRARE
The Exorcist 2 x 3Unclean14/10/2017SUBTITRARE ENGLEZA
MacGyver 2 x 3Roulette Wheel + Wire14/10/2017NU ARE SUBTITRARE
Better Things 2 x 5Phil13/10/2017NU ARE SUBTITRARE
How to Get Away with Murder 4 x 3It's for the Greater Good13/10/2017NU ARE SUBTITRARE
Arrow 6 x 1Fallout13/10/2017SUBTITRARE ROMÂNĂ
Supernatural 13 x 1Lost and Found13/10/2017SUBTITRARE ROMÂNĂ
Gotham 4 x 4A Dark Knight: The Demon's Head13/10/2017SUBTITRARE ROMÂNĂ
Ghost Wars 1 x 2The Ghost in the Machine13/10/2017SUBTITRARE ROMÂNĂ
Mr. Robot 3 x 1eps3.0_power-saver-mode.h12/10/2017SUBTITRARE ENGLEZA