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MacGyver 1 x 13Large Blade14/01/2017NU ARE SUBTITRARE
The Vampire Diaries 8 x 8We Have History Together14/01/2017SUBTITRARE ROMÂNĂ
Grimm 6 x 2Trust Me Knot14/01/2017SUBTITRARE ROMÂNĂ
Emerald City 1 x 3Mistress - New - Mistress14/01/2017SUBTITRARE ROMÂNĂ
Pure Genius 1 x 11Touch and Go13/01/2017NU ARE SUBTITRARE
Colony 2 x 1Eleven.Thirteen13/01/2017NU ARE SUBTITRARE
The Blacklist 4 x 10The Forecaster13/01/2017SUBTITRARE ROMÂNĂ
Lethal Weapon 1 x 11Lawmen12/01/2017SUBTITRARE ROMÂNĂ
Incorporated 1 x 7Executables12/01/2017NU ARE SUBTITRARE
Vikings 4 x 17The Great Army12/01/2017SUBTITRARE ROMÂNĂ
Frequency 1 x 11Negative Copy12/01/2017SUBTITRARE ROMÂNĂ
Blindspot 2 x 11Droll Autumn, Unmutual Lord12/01/2017SUBTITRARE ROMÂNĂ
Good Behavior 1 x 10All the Things11/01/2017SUBTITRARE ROMÂNĂ
Shooter 1 x 9Ballistic Advantage11/01/2017SUBTITRARE ROMÂNĂ
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 4 x 9Broken Promises11/01/2017SUBTITRARE ROMÂNĂ
Teen Wolf 6 x 7Heartless11/01/2017SUBTITRARE ROMÂNĂ
Son of Zorn 1 x 10Radioactive Ex-Girlfriend09/01/2017NU ARE SUBTITRARE
Son of Zorn 1 x 9The War On Grafelnik09/01/2017NU ARE SUBTITRARE
Emerald City 1 x 2Prison of the Abject08/01/2017SUBTITRARE ROMÂNĂ
Emerald City 1 x 1The Beast Forever08/01/2017SUBTITRARE ROMÂNĂ