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Ultimele Episoade
Timeless 1 x 15Public Enemy No. 1.14/02/2017NU ARE SUBTITRARE
Man with a Plan 1 x 13Valentine's Day14/02/2017NU ARE SUBTITRARE
Supergirl 2 x 12Luthors14/02/2017NU ARE SUBTITRARE
Pure 1 x 6Baptism14/02/2017NU ARE SUBTITRARE
The Royals 3 x 9O, Farewell, Honest Soldier13/02/2017NU ARE SUBTITRARE
Homeland 6 x 4A Flash of Light13/02/2017NU ARE SUBTITRARE
The Walking Dead 7 x 9Rock in the Road13/02/2017SUBTITRARE ROMÂNĂ
Taboo 1 x 6Episode 612/02/2017SUBTITRARE ROMÂNĂ
Legion 1 x 1Chapter 112/02/2017SUBTITRARE ROMÂNĂ
Rosewood 2 x 15Clavicle Trauma & Closure11/02/2017NU ARE SUBTITRARE
MacGyver 1 x 15Magnifying Glass11/02/2017NU ARE SUBTITRARE
The Vampire Diaries 8 x 12What Are You?11/02/2017SUBTITRARE ROMÂNĂ
Grimm 6 x 6Breakfast in Bed11/02/2017SUBTITRARE ROMÂNĂ
Emerald City 1 x 7They Came First11/02/2017SUBTITRARE ROMÂNĂ
How to Get Away with Murder 3 x 12Go Cry Somewhere Else10/02/2017SUBTITRARE ROMÂNĂ
Colony 2 x 5Company Man10/02/2017SUBTITRARE ROMÂNĂ
The Blacklist 4 x 13Isabella Stone10/02/2017SUBTITRARE ROMÂNĂ
Supernatural 12 x 11Regarding Dean10/02/2017SUBTITRARE ROMÂNĂ
SIX 1 x 4Man Down09/02/2017SUBTITRARE ROMÂNĂ
Suits 6 x 13Teeth, Nose, Teeth09/02/2017SUBTITRARE ROMÂNĂ